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A sustainable choiche

Architectural quality

At 300m from the shore of Lake Garda, and 3 km from the center of Sirmione, the demolition of a theater has provided an opportunity for the design of new residences. This opportunity has been taken up by the designers to develop a new proposal with respect to the results of ordinary buildings of this type.

The VILLE AIMARO project bases its architectural quality on the will to obtain comfort and well-being, offering the quality of the typical italian houses and urban villas of the earliest garden-cities, the most characteristic examples of the history of our cities.

The rooms that make up the VILLE AIMARO housing units also meet a contemporary lifestyle through the careful and subtle organization of the spaces of connection and transition from public to private; the quality of materials used, where stone defines the exterior and strengthens the urban presence and wood covers the interior like a sort of a precious coffer.

- PRIVACY is obtained through a careful study of the positioning of the housing units and how they interface in order to remove visual interferences and insights. The housing units do not face each other directly and do not overlap vertically: the living room and the terrace on the first floor doesn't overlook the living area of the apartment on the ground floor. They're arranged alternately removing the insights of aspect. The privacy regarding the aspect from the road is ensured by the position of the building and the relative garden which are placed 1 meter above the road; this, together with the trees that shape the borders, enables the total shielding in respect to the view from the road.

- DIMENSION AND DISTRIBUTION ORGANIZATION; the housing units were designed thinking of the creation of an adequate household environment that allows a complete use of spaces without waste, through a wise and accurate interior distribution design.

- THE INTERIOR/EXTERIOR PROPORTION and the visual relation with the surrounding natural environment is of central importance; the quality of this relation is expressed on the ground floor by the arcade paved with stone that faces the gardens, on the first floor by the wide wooden terraces conceived as the natural extension to the house's exterior.

- THE TERRACES The architectural quality is not limited to the interior of the single house but extends to the whole complex. The residences face the gardens through big sliding windows and the trees foliage that give a sense of quietness and privacy. Over the hedges another Villa Aimaro can be glimpsed. It's another building of equal material and aesthetic quality which increases the sense of well-being given by the consciousness of being in an entirely redeveloped site.

- SWIMMING POOL. Some of the ground floor units have a series of small pools surrounded by stone solarium; a quiet place where you can relax and enjoy the view of the garden.

il progetto ville aimaro

Una vista

The Ville Aimaro are made up of the aggregation of 7 housing units, each of them offering the same level of interior quality in terms of light and airing.

However, he characteristics of the single apartments can vary according to the user's preferences: 2 bathrooms, a wider living area, the chance to have buit-in wardrobes and the possibility to have a room

with a bathroom in the basement benefits of air and sun from an excavation in the garden that creates a private and protected grass patio where the activities of this space located under the living room are reflected.

Inside the houses, on the ground floor and on the first floor, the wide windows are protected from the direct radiation of the sun thanks to the overhanging roof or the built-in stone masonry.

il progetto ville aimaro