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A sustainable choiche

Environmental sustainability

Ville Aimaro offers sustainable buildings from an environmental standpoint through the use of the following design strategies.

- Over 60% of green roofs, effectively insulates increasing thermal inertia, recycles rainwater, mitigates the urban heat island effect.

sostenibilità ambientale

- Grounding pursues the impermeability of the soil through the reduction of built surface, maximization of green areas and planting of medium to tall sized trees.

- The correct orientation and positioning of the villas ensures sunshine and natural ventilation, adopting the right dimensional ratio between volume and space and the presence of valuable elements such as Garda Lake.

- The project expects to contain underground excavations as much as possible and the preservation of 30% of the site's surface for rooting tall tree species selecting them among the autochthonous ones available in this area.

60% of green roofs

sostenibilità ambientale

Energy sustainability

Ville Aimaro offers sustainable buildings from an energy standpoint through the use of the following design strategies.

- Use of renewable free sources like geothermal for energy production. This allows the reduction of Co2 emissions of up to 60% and also a reduction of energy costs.

- All housing units are energy class A featuring high standards of energy performance control through highly performing insulation.

- Floor heating and cooling. Incongruous and noisy external energy units are not present.

sostenibilità ambientale

60% reduction of Co2 emissions

riduzione emissioni
ciclo abitazione
Planning sustainability

Sustainability principles are integrated in the architectural project in order to obtain real environmental and spacial quality, following principles of development and improvement instead of compromise. The comfort of the excellent temperature obtained through floor heating receives confirmation from climatic comfort also in outdoor spaces;

the permeable surfaces, green roofs and the numerous trees mitigate heat in summer and fosters ventilation. The underground parking ensures continuity of green areas and private gardens; bicycles will also have their own space in the underground floor in order to fully benefit from of a clean and healthy transport.